Keep an eye on your tack during the longer nights

horse in stable

Tack and rugs can be fair and lucrative game for thieves, and better road networks to rural communities and long nights can make a heist all the more achievable, and the chances of detection slim. But this is only the case if you take no precautions or measures to ensure that your expensive tack is secure.

There are a few ways you can do this, and they don’t have to be expensive:


If a thief wants to get into an outhouse that’s bolted and locked, they will. But the increased amount of time it will take to do so means they’re more likely to be detected.


You can brand stirrups and leather with your postcode or security mark which is linked to a register. This is a popular method used by police forces nationwide and can re-unite you with your items if they’re stolen.

Security lights

Take away the cover of darkness and suddenly the winter months don’t make theft opportunities any easier. Security lights can be triggered by movement and alert owners to unwanted visitors if their blow cover is not already enough of a deterrent.


Don’t make things easy for intruders by having tack on display, even if they are behind locked doors. It’s not always obvious which outbuilding contains what, and the longer a thief spends searching through feed sheds and boot rooms looking for a top of the range saddle, the better.

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