HSE launches latest safety campaign – starting with nationwide farm visits

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are using wide-sweeping visits to farms around the UK as an opportunity to remind those working in the sector on how best to avoid danger in daily operations.

Falls from a height and contact with asbestos are among the common causes of death in agriculture, forestry and fishing, a sector which accounted for 27 deaths and 13,000 non-fatal injuries last year, according to HSE’s 2016/17 statistics.

The regulator hopes that by reminding farmers of the measures they can take towards securing their safety and that of their employees, these figures can be greatly reduced.


Eight deaths a year from falls
Falls from roofs, ladders, lofts, and even boxes and buckets are rife. While such incidents are almost always unavoidable given the right precautions, equipment, or the help of a skilled contractor, falls remains the second highest cause of death on British Farms.


Asbestos continues to claim lives
Without an up-to-date plan on whether asbestos is present on a farm, workers run the risk of releasing and inhaling harmful fibres when drilling or cutting into the material. The HSE will be focusing on awareness, labelling and the safe removal of asbestos in a bid to decrease the number of deaths linked with asbestos.

Rick Brunt, Head of HSE’s Agricultural Sector explained the reasons behind focusing on falls and asbestos during farm visits,

“Across the country we know that plenty of farmers routinely use the right kit and do building maintenance and repair safely.”

“Despite this, falls from height are still one of the main causes of death and injury on Britain’s farms, and each year too many farmers are working with asbestos and breathing in dangerous fibres..

“This inspection initiative is about making sure that farmers and workers doing building maintenance and repair stay safe and go home healthy from their work.”


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