How to keep animals safe on your land

The task of properly protecting your land can be arduous, especially if you own multiple outhouses and compounds or are located amongst unusual terrain – but it can be well worth the time and effort if it keeps land, property, machinery and any animals you house safe from thieves and predators.

Firstly, a thorough assessment of your security requirements must be made. What does your land comprise, and what is it used for? What kind of threats might you need to guard against?

Here are the basics to consider installing:

Wire mesh fencing
One of the most effective ways of preventing animals from escaping their enclosures, wire mesh fencing can also discourage intruders from trespassing onto your land. Differing gauges and materials are suitable for different animals, from keeping dogs inside kennel paddocks to keeping foxes out of chicken coops.

Other options include wood panel fencing or electric fences. In each case the height and strength of fencing needed should be considered, and all components should be properly maintained to ensure safety.

Security lighting and cameras
As well as keeping you and others traversing your land safe at night, particularly in the dark winter months, motion-activated lights can also alert you to the presence of strangers and deter thieves. But be careful – installing lights in the wrong position could mean they are constantly triggered by your animals, which could be startling for them.

CCTV camera systems can be bought relatively cheaply nowadays, and monitored yourself. Whilst it might seem extreme, the value of animals and equipment could outweigh the initial outlay.

Clear signs
That CCTV is likely to be more effective as a deterrent if its presence is pointed out to would-be criminals. Fit your aforementioned fencing with No Entry and Livestock signs in accordance with the guidance for farmers and land managers to make it clear where your territory starts and ends, and the location of any animals.

Good quality locks
Looks are not just useful for your homestead. If animals are housed in sheds, barns, kennels or other constructions, investing in good-quality locks can secure gates, doors and windows well enough to prevent opportunist break-ins and will make sure you have not breached the conditions of your insurance policy if you do have to claim.

Up-to-date insurance
Automatically renewing your insurance annually without first checking if your cover is up to date can result in missing gaps in your protection, which may not be discovered until you try to make a claim. Some agricultural policies include security conditions which must be fully complied with, so make sure to read the small print. Your adviser at JCL Insurance Brokers will be happy to assess your situation and ensure you have secure protection.