How Businesses Have Adapted in 2020 – From Marriage to Meal Prep

Meal Prep

With the tumultuous year we’ve had, it is important to give credit to those local people and businesses who have been forced to adapt to continue serving their communities. Over the next fortnight, JCL Insurance Brokers will spotlight some of the local businesses doing just that.

The UK’s catering industry has taken a huge hit at the hand of COVID-19. With the cancellation of events, comes the cancellation of catering services, meaning many businesses have seen next to no work all year. Thus, food retailers have been forced to look beyond event provisions and towards delivery services and ready meals. One such company that has done just that is a luxury events catering company based near Wem. Whilst normal work would involve mass catering at events such as weddings and other large parties, the pandemic meant a strategical change had to be implemented for the company to keep afloat. Thus, the company’s founder introduced a meal prep service. This service was particularly targeted at those self-isolating and unable to leave home to shop, as well as those too ill to cook for themselves. It offered a range of locally sourced, seasonal meals, paid for online with a contact-free delivery and a delivery free of charge within 20 miles of Wem.

However, the company’s founder pointed out that financially this service did not equate to the work they could usually expect, it was enough to cover the bills. What’s more, it proved invaluable to those less-able members of the community during this unparalleled time.