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As specialist farming insurance providers, we will find you the right cover for your quad bikes and other agricultural vehicles and machinery.

With decades of experience brokering insurance for the farming industry, we understand the importance of the role agricultural vehicles play in keeping your day-to-day operations on track. Quad bikes are heavily utilised vehicles on a farm, from checking on livestock, rounding up sheep or transporting equipment – the all-terrain vehicles have many uses. Farm quad insurance will ensure your business faces minimal disruption should anything happen whilst you’re using your quad, or in the case where repairs need to be made.

We can find you the right insurance for quad bikes, tractors and other vehicles under a single agricultural vehicle policy. For more information on this or to get a quad bike insurance quote you can make an online enquiry or speak with a member of our team at 01948 820 000. We are always happy to help!

What does ATV or quad bike insurance cover:

At Jane Chewins, we understand daily operations may differ from farm to farm – we always like to get a full understanding of your requirements so we can tailor an agricultural vehicle or quad bike insurance policy that is right for you. This means that should any incident occur with your vehicle, you have a policy in place that will offer the best protection.

There are different levels of agriculture vehicle and quad bike insurance available – this is why we take the flexible approach to ensure you have cover for exactly what you need. Here are some standard inclusions that you may want to include in your insurance policy: 

  • Public liability 
  • Accident cover
  • Theft or fire damage
  • Goods in transit

To get a quad bike insurance quote or for more information on agriculture vehicle cover packages, please fill in the enquiry form, or speak with one of our specialists at 01948 820 000 – we are always happy to help!

Why choose us:

  • We have over 30 years of experience and a deep understanding of insurance requirements for the farming industry.
  • As a member of the award-winning Bravo Network, we have wide access to the insurance market, so you can be assured that we will find you the right quad bike or other agricultural vehicle insurance cover. 
  • Our specialist team handles all claims in-house.
  • As well as providing professional advice, we believe strongly in adding in a personal touch. This is why we make ourselves available whenever you need us.
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Farm Quad Bike Insurance FAQs

How can I claim on my policy?

At Jane Chewins, you can report insurance claims quickly and easily using our dedicated App, available on IOS and Android devices. If you want to begin a claim against your vehicle policy, you can use the App to gather as much data as possible. Information provided will be passed directly to our team, who will act swiftly to handle your claim. 

Alternatively, you can call and speak to our team – we will be happy to guide you through the claims process.

Can you use a farm quad bike on the road?

A quad bike used for farming can be ridden on the road provided the rider has a full category B1 car or motorcycle licence. Furthermore, as well as having appropriate specialist insurance, it is required by law to tax a road-legal quad bike, and for the vehicle to be fitted with lights for when it is dark.

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