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Best dressed – is it worth insuring your Ascot wardrobe?

Ascot is one of the highlights of the year, not just for racing, but for outfits snaps.

Over the years, the hat choices have become more bewildering, and the hemlines have crept up, but one thing never changes, and that is the spend-potential for photograph-worthy attire.

Fashion magazines and daily newspapers run annual features like clockwork on how to dress for Ascot without breaking the bank.

This is no surprise when a hat, which is mandatory if you’re to be seen in the Royal enclosure, can easily cost more than £200.

Throw a dress, handbag, and shoes into the equation, and it’s not hard to spend over £500 on an outfit. And that’s just one outfit that could cost more than your camera.

Yet you’re more likely to have insurance cover for your camera, but not for a wardrobe full of expensive threads.

The average wardrobe can be worth a few thousand pounds, and while everyday clothing can be covered on home insurance, it’s unlikely that this will be on a “new for old” basis, as you would have for a one off item such as a designer handbag.

It’s more common for wear and tear to be factored into your clothes cover, which will decrease in value over time and so be worth less on the insurance policy by the time you do come to make a claim.

However, considerations can be made for special items, such as a designer dress purchased for a day at the races, or a hat fit for the Queen.

If you want to ensure that any high-value items in your clothing repertoire are sufficiently protected, you will need to declare them on your insurance so they can be accounted for separately.

Anything over the value of £1500 should be listed individually, but don’t discount the overall wealth of your wardrobe when totting up the price tag on your clothes, especially if you’re an Ascot regular.