10 Christmas jobs that take longer than checking your insurance

There is something about Christmas that makes most of us want to cram in as many tasks as humanly possible so that we can guarantee ourselves and those around us a memorable Christmas.

But such is life and all its unpredictability that your Christmas can become memorable for the wrong reasons; a broken boiler, stolen presents, storm damage and anything else the season of goodwill might throw at you.

This is why it’s important to make sure that your insurance is still as relevant in the winter season as it was when you first arranged it, especially in the lead up to Christmas when your home contents value is likely to go up as fast as you buy presents.

Checking through your policy to see what’s included and what’s excluded can take minutes, and will tell you whether you’re protected for public liability if the post woman slips on your drive, or home emergency cover if a frozen pipe bursts.

In fact, here are 10 Christmas jobs that take longer than checking your insurance policy:

  1. Decorating your Christmas tree – 43mins
  2. Fairy light untangling – additional 27mins
  3. Making mince pies – 45mins (prep) 15mins (bake)
  4. Christmas shopping – too many hours, maybe even days
  5. Wrapping presents – 2hours 12mins
  6. Writing cards – 54mins
  7. Christmas Eve food shop – 1hr 16mins
  8. Digging out Christmas CDs – 26mins
  9. Creating a King costume for school nativity – 1 hour 7mins
  10. Pouring over the Christmas Radio Times – 32mins

And if you really want to multi-task, you could check your policy while the Christmas cake is in the oven (4 hours). For the hassle it will save should you need to make a claim, it’ll be worth it.